OCS Cold

Since 1972 pressure vessels for refrigeration and air conditioning systems

Standard Production

The wide range of standard products suitable for all group II refrigerant fluids offers a solution that combines high quality with competitive prices.


*=1 PS 32bar Temp.-10+100°C

*=2 PS 32bar Temp.-40+100°C

*=3 PS 45bar Temp.-10+100°C

*=4 PS 45bar Temp.-40+100°C

**= volume

RV*RR Vertical deep drawings – Rotalock connections

RV*RC Vertical deep drawings – Copper/Rotalock connections

RV*CC Vertical deep drawings – Copper connections

RV*DD Vertical deep drawings – Double dipping tube

RLV*R Vertical liquid receivers

RLH*R Horizontal liquid receivers 30-1000 lt

SL*C Liquid Separators copper connection

SS*F Liquid Separator with heat exchager

RTX Oil Separator for capillary tube

RTX**ES Oil Separator for optical sensor

OS**screw Single Stage Cyclonic Oil Separator  (on request two-stage version available)

RO*RR Oil Reservoirs


From 0,5 up to 1000 lt


Up to 45bar




  • Sight glasses
  • Moisture sight glasses
  • Plugs
  • Rotalock valves
  • Security valves
  • Service connections
  • Rotalock connections
  • OD/ODS welding connections
  • NPT-F connections
  • Capillary tube (for oil separator Retax only)
  • Optical sensors (for oil separator Retax only)
  • Electrical heater (for cyclonic oil separator)
  • Thermostat (for cyclonic oil separator)
  • Elettronic float (for cyclonic oil separator)
Standard Production

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