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Since 1972 pressure vessels for refrigeration and air conditioning systems

R744 application

Since 2012 OCS COLD has been manufacturing products suitable for applications with R744 for both the transcritical and subcritical cycle with operating pressures ranging from 45 to 140 bar. The experience gained and the partnerships with the major manufacturers of this type of systems  allowed the company to offer the market highly performing and reliable components.

On request OCS COLD manufactures pressure vessels for R744 pumped systems with a maximum volume of 5000lt and a maximum operating pressure of 60bar. These products can be supplied with accessories such as: DOMES, OIL TRAPS, DEMISTER FILTERS, FLOW BREAKS AND HEAT EXCHANGERS.

List of components for R744 application


RV (vertical liquid receivers build with 2 caps)

RLV (vertical liquid receivers built with tube and bottoms)

RLH (horizontal liquid receivers built with tube and bottoms)

SL (suction accumulators)

SS (vertical deep drawing with heat exchange)

OSHS (hermetic sealed CO2 oil separators)

OS (accessible Co2 oil separators)

OSR (oil separators with integrated oil reservoir)

OSHR (accessible oil separators with integrated oil reservoir)

RO (oil reservoirs)

DM (discharge manifolds)

SM (suction manifolds)


From 1 up to 5000 l


From 45 up to 140bar


- 10+100°C(standard)

- 40+100°C (on request)

- 10+140°C (for CO2 oil separators on request)

- 20+100°C (on request)


  • Sight glasses
  • Moisture sight glasses
  • Plugs
  • Rotalock valves
  • Security valves
  • Service connections
  • Rotalock connections
  • OD/ODS welding connections
  • NPT-F connections
  • GAS-F connections
R744 application

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