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The new Retax Inverter oil separator

Retax Inverter oil separator is suitable for air conditioning and refrigeration system fitted with inverter-driven variable-capacity compressors by inverter technology.

The new Retax Inverter oil separator

1 Agosto 2017

Suitable refrigerants of Group 2 in particular for applications with R410A (in the case of applications with  R744 the use is suitable for operating pressures of 45BAR) is particularly suitable in applications such as:

  • Heat pumps
  • Air Conditioners computing / telephony
  • Chillers for water 

The model with copper tube for capillary connection  is particularly indicated in conditioning systems according the operating conditions of this type of plant. Equipped with a dipping tube which during installation must be connected to a capillary. This model does not require a pre-charge. The model with electronic level indicator  is suitable for all those plants with variable operating conditions.

Equipped with an electronic level indicator which is activated by a magnetic-driven reed caused by a float. This model requires a pre-charge of 0,4lt.


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